The Children of Montana Embrace Separate Waste Collection

The Children of Montana Embrace Separate Waste Collection

Nearly 200 children from the kindergartens “Happy Childhood”, “Nezabravka”, “Izgrev” and “Kalina” in Montana flocked to Zheravitsa Square today to meet the amusing characters of the fun educational puppet show “Tales of Brave Little Empty-Bellied Heroes” – Hartoyad, Plastoyadka, and Stukloyad. For the fifth consecutive year, they have been visiting Bulgarian children in different parts of the country under the initiative of Ecopack Bulgaria "Feed Me, I Eat Separately". More than 8,550 children in the country have already been smitten by the idea of ​​separate collection of packaging waste and are passing it on to their families, as well.

In an engaging, interactive way, the Fairy Tale Theater – Sofia teaches the children about the need to sort and collect waste separately so that it can be recycled. “This is how we help keep the trees alive and the rivers, seas, and oceans, clean,” excitedly explains young Karina Petrova (aged 6) after the event in Montana.

Ecopack Bulgaria, the largest recovery organization in this country, has embraced as its mission to teach children between the age of 4 and 8 in the whole country a responsible attitude to nature. Those who have already met the park characters Hartoyad, Plastoyadka, and Stukloyad remember their happy faces whenever they are fed with the right kind of waste and always look for the color-coded containers.

During the performance, the children learned which type of waste goes where. The most active ones took part in a waste-sorting competition. They all danced with the characters from the play. After the show they got coloring comic books and magnets with the happy faces of Hartoyad, Plastoyadka, and Stukloyad.

“The show is really fun and useful to the children. They joined in eagerly and did really well in the waste-sorting challenge,” commented Rumyana Viktorova, teacher at Nezabravka Kindergarten.

The children’s event was organized in partnership with Montana Municipality.

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