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ECOPACK Bulgaria has been the largest packaging waste recovery organization in the Bulgarian market for 14 consecutive years.

ECOPACK Bulgaria continually strives to improve existing services and develop new ones for its members in the following main areas:

- Collection and transportation of packaging waste from production and logistic sites;

- Trainings and consultations to provide up-to-date information and ensure compliance with the legal framework;

- Assistance in the implementation of corporate social responsibility programs;

- Support and involvement in members’ green initiatives.

ECOPACK offers the program “On-site collection of packaging waste in color-coded containers for members of the organization”. This program aims to:

  • Help meet the requirements under the Waste Management Act;
  • Raise awareness and commitment to separate collection of packaging waste among staff and members of ECOPACK Bulgaria;
  • Reduce to a minimum the amount of recyclable packaging waste discarded into the general waste flow.

The members of the organization may hand over the packaging waste generated on their premises to specialized waste collection companies or to recycling plants that have concluded contracts with ECOPACK.

Free packaging consultations  

ECOPACK’s expert team would be happy to consult you on:

  • Type of packaging you release onto the market;
  • Reporting procedures;
  • Filing reports;
  • Drawing up internal company specifications and monthly declaration reports;
  • Issues related to the legal framework and the implementation of legal requirements in the area of packaging and packaging waste.


ECOPACK uses an electronic system for data collection from packaging producers and importers.  ECOPACK ONLINE is a web-based system, part of the Management System, introduced to better organize and optimize business processes. The system facilitates filing of reports on amounts of packaging, allows invoicing, and generates real-time reports by different criteria. This saves ECOPACK members time, facilitates reporting, and reduces paperwork. The system is very user-friendly and simple to use.  It is graphically identical with paper declarations and filling in the electronic form only takes a few minutes. It is based on a server owned by ECOPACK and data confidentiality is guaranteed with all security certificates. Currently the system is used by 532 member companies.

The members who wish to join may state their interest by phone or e-mail. An ECOPACK staff member will visit them in person at a time of their convenience to train them on how to use the software.


of recycled materials, saved resources and greenhouse gas emissions.


ECOPACK provides a Certificate with information on recycled amounts for each client and their equivalent in saved natural resources (electric power, water, trees, barrels of petrol, landfill volume), as well as the carbon footprint.

The actual impact is estimate by converting the recycled amounts on behalf of the respective company into saved greenhouse gas emissions, in CO2 equivalent.

The saved CO2 emissions are estimated using a unique calculator financed by ECOPACK jointly with another 24 European recovery organizations and developed by BIO by Deloitte, part of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

The methodology used to calculate greenhouse gas emissions is based on the Life Cycle Assessment approach and complies with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. The calculations are based on the concept of ‘saved impact’ – materials obtained from packaging waste recycling or recovery which replace raw materials and thus generate energy. The instrument covers all types of packaging and materials, as well as all aspects of packaging waste collection, sorting, transportation, and recovery.

Each ECOPACK member company receives annual information about its contribution to protecting the environment from the Certificate of recycled materials, saved resources and saved greenhouse gas emissions.

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