The Mezdra Rail Workers’ Club Proved Too Small for the Young Eco Heroes

The Mezdra Rail Workers’ Club Proved Too Small for the Young Eco Heroes

220 children from Mezdra filled the hall of Mezdra Rail Workers’ Club to participate in the fun interactive puppet show "A Tale of Brave Little Empty-Bellied Heroes", organized within the Ecopack Bulgaria initiative "Feed Me, I Eat Separately" in partnership with Mezdra Municipality . The rain, which confused the plans for the puppet theater to perform for all the children in the town square, ultimately could not get in the way and the performance took place indoors.

For five years already, the Fairy Tale Theater – Sofia has been visiting Bulgarian children in different parts of the country under the initiative of Ecopack Bulgaria "Feed Me, I Eat Separately". More than 8,770 children in the country have already realized the benefits of separate collection of packaging waste. Many of them have convinced their families to start collecting separately at home. During the show, the children learn which type of waste goes in which color-coded container.

Ever since its founding, the largest waste-recovery organization in this country has embraced as its mission to teach children in the whole country to have a responsible attitude to nature in their everyday life. Through the youngest, the green messages are passed on the adults, as well. The children realize that waste materials need to be collected separately in order to be recycled and brought to new life.


All of the children who attended the performance took part in waste sorting competitions, sang and danced, and in the end they all left with gifts - magnets with the puppet show characters and coloring comic books.

“The children had a lot of fun at the puppet show. We have an Ecopack Bulgaria CD and they know the songs that teach them to take care of nature,” said Mrs. Damyanova from Sluntchitse Kindergarten after the show.

The next performance

of “A Tale of Brave Little Empty-Bellied Heroes” is in Vurshets,

on September 20th, 2019, 10h30 am, on the stage outside Hristo Botev-1900

Community Center, weather permitting, or in the community center hall.

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