Strong Finale of Old Paper for New Book 2019 in Russe and Veliko Turnovo

Strong Finale of Old Paper for New Book 2019 in Russe and Veliko Turnovo

Russe and Veliko Turnovo were the last stops in the seventh consecutive edition of Old Paper for New Book, organized by Ecopack Bulgaria and Greenwich Book Center. On the 28th September, the kids from Russe made their strongest contribution to date. In Svoboda Square, 2,720 children collected a record 14.3 t of paper for recycling and thus saved from felling 186 trees In return they received 3,180 new books. The event took place with the support of Russe Municipality and the Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library.


On the next day, September 29th, Veliko Turnovo made a brilliant debut in the campaign, with 1,370 children joining in. At the collection sites in Marno Pole Park, they handed over 7.5 t of paper for recycling, saved from felling 98 trees, and took home more than 2,000 new books. The campaign was supported by Veliko Turnovo Municipality and P.R.Slaveykov Library.


Mariana Petkova and Mila Aleksieva from ECOPACK Bulgaria asked the children and their parents to e for nature every day by collecting waste separately. The manager of Greenwich Book Center wished the young readers to discover many unknown wonderful worlds in their new books.


In 2019, thousands of children and their parents joined Old Paper for New Book. A total of 10,688 young eco enthusiasts from 5 Bulgarian cities – Bourgas, Haskovo, Sofia, Russe, and Veliko Turnovo - handed over 59.2 t of paper for recycling, saved from felling 770 trees, and in return received 13,350 new books as gifts. Among them were the two special editions by ECOPACK Bulgaria and Greenwich Book Center – Green Teen and You Can Save the Planet, as well as the FYUT Publishing House series The Detectives Agatha and Larry – the two mascots of this year’s campaign.

1,200 kids from Bourgas kicked off Old Paper for New Book 2019 with 7.4 t of used paper, 96 saved trees, and 1,550 new books.

An unprecedented number of participants joined the campaign in Haskovo= 1,325 children from the town collected 7.6 t of used paper, saved from felling 99 trees, and were rewarded with 1,620 books.

The children of Sofia set the greatest record to date in all seven editions of the campaign. On September 15th, outside Greenwich Book Center, 4,073 young enthusiasts handed over the impressive 22.4 t of used paper for recycling and thus saved from felling 313 trees. In return, the kids received 5,000 new books.

The “Old Paper for New Book” initiative dates back to September 2013.  It is the goal of the organizers from ECOPACK Bulgaria and Greenwich Book Center to motivate children from the earliest possible age to take care of nature and to develop a taste for reading and books. Over the seven years of the campaign it has been joined by a total of 48,220 young participants, who with the help of their parents, have collected 254.7 t of paper for recycling. In this way, they have saved from felling 3,328 trees and have received in return 55,820 new books.

The next edition of Old Paper for New Book will take place in September 2020.

The partners to the Old Paper for New Book campaign are the publishing houses Enthusiast, FYUT, and the Fun Reading initiative.

The cause is supported by the publishing houses TRUD, EGMONT, Knigomania, Hermes, Bard, Ciela, Softpress, Zlatnoto pate, Albo Group.

The media partners are Bulgaria ON AIR,,,, Mayko mila!,,,,,

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