Old Paper for New Book Sets Record in Sofia. 4,073 Kids Join the Initiative on September 15th

Old Paper for New Book Sets Record in Sofia. 4,073 Kids Join the Initiative on September 15th

On the eve of the first day of the new schoolyear, the children in Sofia set the highest record in the national campaign Old Paper for New Book in its seven editions to date. On September 15th, in front of Greenwich Book Center, 4,073 young enthusiasts handed over the impressive 22.4 t of used paper for recycling and thus saved from felling 313 trees. In exchange, the kids received 5,000 new books. The initiative was again part of the 2019 Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality and was held under the patronage of Mayor Yordanka Fandukova.

Sofia Municipality Deputy Mayor on Finance Doncho Barbalov greeted all the children and parents who had joined the campaign. “The results so far are very good but what matters even more is that the children are learning to protect the environment and how important it is to read books,” he said.

Todor Bourgoudjiev, Executive Director of ECOPACK Bulgaria, thanked everyone for coming. “This initiative began in 2013 and each year we are happy to see the long lines of parents and children who come to hand over their used paper, but also to show that they want to make their city a better place to live.”

“This is our favorite campaign because it helps us prove to the children that books can make you a better person and more responsible with regard to nature and the people around you. But only if we get to know the thousands of wonderful stories hidden between their covers,” said Viktoria Biserova, Manager of Greenwich Book Center, who greeted those present together with her young daughter Ida.

The amazing talents from Bon Bon opened the festive program with an excerpt from their new hit musical Alice in Mirrorland, which will only be performed once more this month – on September 29th, at the City Mark Center. Sofia Puppet Theater greeted the children on the occasion of the first school day and Sofia City Day with a performance of Save the Child. The talented artists from Voice Academy concluded the show.

Beyond the stage, the fun continued with dancing, games, and quiz competitions, which challenged the young participants in the campaign to show what they know about separate waste collection, recycling, and ecology, as well as about the mascots of this year’s campaign – Agatha and Larry, the characters from Steve Stevenson’s popular series published by FYUT Publishing House.

Bulgaria ON AIR news anchor Lilia Mustakova and reporter Diana Georgieva became ambassadors of the cause and helped the children choose a new book.

Everyone who had handed over used paper could get a keepsake photo from the PHOTO KING detective booth. And with the help of Maria’s World Foundation, the children could make their own badges “Old Paper for New Book” and “The Strange Child”, inspired by the story by E.T.A.Hoffmann, published by Enthusiast Publishing House and Cultural Perspectives Foundation.

Dozens of talented children demonstrated their artistic skills in the eco-drawing competition “Green Sofia”. The submitted drawings will be reviewed by a professional jury and the results will be posted on the Old Paper for New Book Facebook page. The best entries in the three age groups will receive special prizes. Full terms and conditions of the competition: http://bit.ly/2km86Y4

After Sofia, the relay baton is passed on to the children from Russe on September 28th, and the campaign will conclude in Veliko Turnovo on September 29th.

The campaign partners are the Enthusiast and FYUT publishing houses, and the Fun Reading initiative.

The cause is supported by the publishing houses TRUD, EGMONT, Knigomania, Hermes, Bard, Ciela, Softpress, Zlatnoto pate, Albo Group.

The media partners are Bulgaria ON AIR, webcafe.bg, detskiknigi.com, clubz.bg, Mayko mila!, azcheta.com, az-deteto.bg, dnes.bg, purvite7.bg, noviteroditeli.bg.


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