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    Old Paper for New Book Sets Record in Sofia. 4,073 Kids Join the Initiative on September 15th
    On September 15th, in front of Greenwich Book Center, 4,073 young enthusiasts handed over the impressive 22.4 t of used paper for recycling and thus saved from felling 313 trees. In exchange, the kids received 5,000 new books. The initiative was again part of the 2019 Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality See more
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    ECOPACK Bulgaria Takes Part in Leva River Cleanup and Organizes Children’s Eco Event in Vratsa on September 14th
    On Saturday September 14h, the ECOPACK Bulgaria team joined the BTV Media Group campaign “Let’s Clean up Bulgaria Together” for the 8th consecutive year. See more
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    Hartyoad, Plastoyadka, and Stukloyad Set off on Fall Tour
    ECOPACK Bulgaria’s fairy-tale characters teach the children in Montana, Mezdra, Vurshets, and Sopot how to collect waste separately and to take care of nature every day. See more

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