About ECOPACK Online and electronic invoicing

In order to improve and facilitate communication between members and the organization, ECOPACK has created a Web-based system for reporting and processing of incoming information on the packaging released onto the market - ECOPACK Online. It is part of ECOPACK business processes, recording the incoming quantities of packaging waste from the separate collection systems, commercial outlets, and waste-disposal sites, as well as their subsequent processing and handing over to recycling plants. ECOPACK Online is linked to the largest electronic invoice platform in Bulgaria: E-Faktura. It provides information on issued documents and invoices.

If you still haven’t used E-Faktura anddon’t as yet submit your reports through ECOPACK Online, you can contact our Customer Service department at tel. 02-019107 and 02-019137 or download and fill in the attached Annex with your company information and submit it to us by e-mail at sales@ecopack.bg.

ANNEX No. 1 Оn the Use of the Electronic Reporting System to the Contract on Undertaking an Obligation for Managing the Packaging Waste

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