What happens to the separately collected waste?

In this section, we would like to present the journey separately collected packaging waste undertakes, starting from the three color-coded containers up until it reaches the recycling plants.

ECOPACK have had separate packaging waste collection systems installed in 88 municipalities around the country. They utilize the three color-coded container system: blue - for cardboard and paper packaging, yellow - for plastic and metal, and green - for glass bottles and jars. The locations where the three containers are placed are determined by each of the contracted municipalities. Waste removal is carried out based on a specifically designed weekly schedule. Different trucks service the differently colored containers in order to guarantee that the separately collected materials aren’t accidentally mixed. The waste from the color-coded containers is then transported to a sorting facility where the materials are further separated based on type so that each type can be recycled using a single technological process. Subsequently, they are bailed and prepared to be taken to the recycling plants.

Here, you can follow the journey waste undertakes and see what happens to each piece of packaging you throw in the color-coded containers for separate waste collection.




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