Packaging Marking

1. Packaging Recycling Mark
(Annex № 3 to Art. 5, para.1, it.2 of the Ordinance on Packaging & Packaging Waste)

Note: In the middle of the three arrows, the digits, specified in Annex № 2 to Article 5, para. 1, it. 1, are placed and the abbreviation for the packaging material from the same Annex is placed under the graphic sign.

2. Separate Collection Mark

Packaging should be marked with the separate collection sign as well. Its grafic design is not regulated by the Ordinance. In the EU member-states the "tidyman" sign is adopted and used widely. You could either use this sign or put text "For separate collection".

3. Trade Mark of the Recovery Organization

Being member of a recovery organization, the packaging of the goods released by you on the market should be marked also with the respective trade mark of the organization.

Marking that indicates affiliation of packaging to the collective system organized by ECOPACK BULGARIA is "THE GREEN DOT" (DER GRÜNE PUNKT).

The payment of the remuneration to ECOPACK BULGARIA gives the right to the respective producer or importer of packed goods, placed on the market in the Republic of Bulgaria, to put on their packaging the DER GRŰNE PUNKT trade mark.

The use of the indicated mark on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria by persons, who have not signed a contract with ECOPACK BULGARIA, is against the law.

Instructions for printing:

1. Arrow pointing to the right is mandatory in dark colour. Arrow pointing to the left is mandatory in light colour.

2. When the marking is applied to white background, the arrow pointing to the left should be in light green colour. The use of Pantone 366 C colour is recommended. The arrow pointing to the right should be in dark green colour. The use of Pantone 343 C colour is recommended.

3. In terms of ensuring the distinction of the trademark minimal diameter of 10 mm is recommended. However, the size of the trademark used for small packaging may be larger than 6 mm.

4. When using four-colour print the following colours are recommended:

Light green Dark green
Pantone 366 C Pantone 343 C
Cyanide: 19%   Cyanide: 100%
Purple: 0%    Purple: 0%
Black: 0% Black: 60%
Yellow: 47% Yellow: 69%


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