How does ECOPACK Bulgaria operate in the municipalities?

ECOPACK BULGARIA concludes a contract with the respective MUNICIPALITY to organize and manage a system for separate collection of packaging waste in its territory. This contract sets the scope of the separate collection system (number of localities covered, number of containers, location, service schedules).   The number of containers installed in the respective municipalities and localities is defined in accordance with the requirements set by the Waste Management Act and related bylaws and regulations.


  • Purchase and delivery of color-coded containers.
  • Installation of containers in locations specified by the Municipality.
  • Drawing up a container servicing schedule agreed with municipal experts.
  • Provision of waste-collection equipment.
  • Separate servicing of the color-coded containers, on a different day for each color.
  • Cleaning up the area of the container – during servicing.
  • Each vehicle servicing the systems for separate collection of packaging waste carries a sign with the color of the containers serviced on the respective day.
  • Transportation of packaging waste to an ECOPACK BULGARIA sorting site.
  • Preliminary processing: sorting the waste by type and color, baling, removing non-recyclable or highly contaminated waste.
  • Transportation to recycling plants.

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