Kaloyan and Hartoyad

Eight-year-old aikido athlete embarks on battle for a cleaner world

The Fairy Tale Theater – Sofa is on its spring tour in May. “A Tale of Brave Little Empty-Bellied Heroes” about Hartoyad, Plastoyadka, and Stukloyad, who live in the park and feed on what people put in the color-coded containers has been performed for children in Botevgrad, Svoge, Tutrakan, Pleven, Pravets, and Teteven, and is yet to be shown to the children in Panagyurishte, Peshtera, and Strelcha. The initiative came from Ecopack and the tour is organized jointly with the municipalities. For five years now the puppet show has been showing children in kindergarten and elementary school the harms of environmental pollution, as well as the benefits of separate collection of packaging waste and its recycling.

Kaloyan is 8 years old. Sensitive and responsible. Very caring. More sensible than you would expect at his age. He’s mommy’s little boy but by no means a spoiled crybaby. He’s eager to help look after his baby sister Cathy. He believes good people are pure and clean in their relationships and in their attitude to nature.

That is why Kaloyan wants to live in a cleaner world.

On Sunday, Flower Day, he goes out for a walk with his granddad and his sister Cathy – to get laurel twigs from the church, play in the park, and have some ice-cream. To feel the spirit of the festive holiday. Only the sight that greets them in the park is not festive at all. Piles of trash “decorate” the scenery. Sandwich wrappers, plastic soft-drink cups, a shoe box, old shoes, an old notebook, a cake box, ice-cream wrappers, and a whole bag of lunch leftovers…


“Why do people do this? Don’t they want things to be clean and beautiful around them?

Don’t they know that if paper is recycled it can serve to make new books, notebooks, textbooks. It can help save trees from felling. Have you any idea

how many forests can be saved?”

the distressed boy asks his grandfather. They have been taught in school that unless trash is disposed of separately, it goes to landfill sites. Which never seem to be enough and new ones need to be set up all the time. “They will flood the earth. There will be nowhere left to live. The world will die,”

says Kaloyan, drawing a dismal picture of the future.

A second later a strange blue creature pops up from the blue container. “Who are you and what are you doing here,” Kaloyan asks in surprise. “I’m Hartoyad. I live in the park and feed on paper trash people throw out. Lately I’ve been hungry all the time because the trash seems to be everywhere but the place where it belongs,” the creature complained.

Kaloyan trains aikido. Competition is in his blood – whether at the computer, on the aikido floor, or in the park. Nobleness is at the very core of his sport. He instantly takes to heart the problem of his new friend. And spontaneously comes up with a game – a competition to see who will take more trash to the blue container. “We’ll feed you in no time. Just you watch. Come on, Cathy!”, Kaloyan signals the start of the fun race. The garden is quickly transformed – clean and beautiful. Hartoyad is fed and happy.   

And the kids have a plan –

they will start collecting trash separately at home, too.

In order to help nature survive.

Take your children to see the show if you, too, want them to find new friends and to think about their role as protectors of nature.


Did you know?


1 ton of recycled paper or cardboard saves:

  • About 13 trees;
  • 2.5 barrels of petroleum;
  • 4,100 kWh of electric power;
  • 4 cub. m of landfill volume;
  • 31,780 liters of water

Tour schedule of “A Tale of Brave Little Empty-Bellied Heroes”


29 May 2019, 10h30, Panagyurishte, Dom Pametnik Theater

30 May 2019, 10h30, Peshtera, Open stage

31 May, 10h30, Strelcha, Druzhba Square

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