Why and how to collect separately

Six reasons why you should collect waste separately:
  • We save our natural resources. Separate waste collection could reduce energy and raw materials consumption by 70 to 90%, saving valuable natural resources - every ton of recycled paper saves 13 trees from felling, and recycling one ton of plastic saves the equivalent of the electricity used by one Bulgarian household over two years. Recycling one glass jar is equivalent to 4 hours of lighting or enough to power your computer for 25 minutes.
  • We reduce the amount of landfill waste.
  • We reduce environmental pollution – fewer CO2 emissions, cleaner air, water, and soil;
  • Care for the health of each person.
  • Each consumer, upon purchasing any packaged goods marked with the recycling symbol, pays a tax for their separate collection and recycling. (According to Bulgarian legislation, producers or importers who release onto the market in the Republic of Bulgaria products that generate packaging waste pay a so-called “product tax”. This product tax is included in the final market price of the goods.)
  • Each citizen is liable to a fine of BGN 300 to 1,000for disposing of waste marked with the recycling symbol into general waste containers if a separate packaging waste collection system is in place in the particular location, or for disposing of general household waste into separate collection waste containers.
  • We help ensure a better future for our children.

The list could be far longer but even six few basic reasons should be sufficient to make any reasonable person reconsider their habits. We only need to picture all the things that we carelessly dispose of in the environment to realize the consequences we – or our children – are bound to suffer.

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