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Ecopack uses cookies or similar tools in its websites in order to improve their performance and functionality. This Policy explains how we do that.

1. What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file containing data. When you visit certain websites, it is sent to and stored on your electronic device (hereinafter referred to as the Device) – for example, mobile phone, desktop computer, laptop, tablet. Cookies do not collect any information about documents or files located on your Device. Cookies allow the Website to store actions and preferences of the user – for example, language, font size, user name, etc., for a certain period of time, or allow for other functionalities.

2. What type of data we collect via our cookies

When we use cookies, we obtain the IP address of the Device you use each time you visit our Website. We use your IP address to ensure the functionality and navigation of the Website, for the purposes of IT security and to perform system diagnostics. We can also share it with our partners, who help us maintain our Website.

3. How we use cookies on our website

When you visit our Website, we use cookies to ensure that you have maximum functionality. These cookies are linked to your preferences or to the Device you use to visit our Website. In order for our Website to be fully functional, we use the following programs and web solutions which may gain access to your IP address without being able to identify you as a physical person. By using our Website, you may agree to the use of the cookies that the browser of your choice accepts in accordance with its settings, you can customise which cookies to use or you can completely opt out of using them. If you refuse to use cookies, this may affect the functionality of our Website, your access to it and the services we may provide. Your choice of cookies for our Website will be saved upon each visit. In order to do that we will use a cookie which means that if you delete all your cookies, you will need to update your preferences on our page.

4. Types of cookies:

Strictly Necessary Cookies (First-Party Cookies)

These cookies are used only by us and therefore are also referred to as First-Party Cookies. They are set up by the Website's server and share the same domain. These cookies are necessary for the Website to function as intended, and to create a user session for the visitor and a specified user group with access to the public resources on the Website (text, images, etc.). We use two types of first-party cookies – session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session Cookies are stored on your terminal device only during the current browsing session on our Website. These cookies take care of showing you the amount of information that suits your Internet consumption and are responsible for the way you see (it is displayed on your Device) our Website (language, font, colour, appearance, etc.). These cookies also save your decision on the use of cookies on our Website. You can set your browser to block or alert you of these cookies, but some parts of our Website will not be functional. These cookies do not store any personal information and are deleted at the end of the user session, i.e. after our Website has been closed on the respective device.

Persistent Cookies are stored on the user's Device for a predetermined period of time. We use persistent cookies on our Website to show you the dialog box that pops up upon your first visit to the Website and requests your consent to the use of cookies on our Website. These cookies are automatically deleted after 1 year. First-party cookies cannot be disabled in our systems. They are typically only set as a response to actions you make which constitute a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or completing a contact form.

Cookies for marketing and targeted advertising. Google Analytics Cookies collect general statistical data in order to improve the Website’s performance and navigation. Google supplements these general data with demographics and information about visitors' interests to better understand their needs. These cookies can be set by our advertising partners via our Website. They can be used and shared by these partners in order to create a profile of your interests and show you relevant ads on other websites. This is based on the unique identification of your browser and the Device you use when accessing websites. If you do not allow these cookies, you will receive advertising that is less targeted. These cookies are: Facebook Dynamic Remarketing – We use Facebook technologies like Facebook pixels to help us show personalised ads to people who have visited our Website or who have had previous interactions with our advertising.

Third-Party Cookies. Third-party Cookies are stored on a different domain from the domain of our Website. This can happen when the Website links to a file, for example JavaScript, located outside of its domain. These cookies are persistent cookies and will be automatically deleted after 2 years if you do not visit anymore. One such example is social network cookies. On our Website we use cookies from the social network Facebook. They allow users logged in Facebook to directly share and like certain content from our Website. If before browsing our Website you had logged in your profile on that social network, social networking plugins can authorise the corresponding social network to collect your data which can make you directly identifiable and show that you have visited our Website. Social networking plugins can collect visitors’ data if they have logged in their social network profile regardless of whether the visitors have interacted with the plugin on our Website. Social networking plugins can also authorise social networking websites to share data regarding your activity on our Website with other users on that social network’s website. These social networks can also collect your personal data for their own purposes. ECOPACK BULGARIA AD has no control over how social networks use your personal data. For more information on social network cookies and the data they may collect please refer to their own privacy and cookies policies. Further down we have listed the privacy policies of the most commonly used social networks: Facebook - Google - YouTube -

Types of cookies we use?




_GAT by Google

Used by Google Universal Analytics to screen and track anonymous visitors

Third party session cookies


Used by Google Analytics for user identification

Third party session cookies


Used by Google for the identification of a specific user

Third party session cookies


Saves session ID

Proprietary session cookies


Adds Flag 1 when the client agrees to the “Cookie Policy”

Proprietary session cookies

Changes to the Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy may be changed and updated to reflect our development, the development of our services and/or the technological progress. The notification of such a change will happen in the form of an update to the Cookie Policy, the date of the last update indicated. We encourage users to review regularly the current version of the Cookie Policy on our Website.

Last updated: May 2018

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