• Executive Director
    Alexander Urmanov
    Alexander Urmanov Executive Director
  • Finance Director
    Plamen Shulev
    Plamen Shulev Finance Director
  • Public Relations and Communications
    Iva Stefanova Public Relations and Public Affairs Manager
    Antonia Panova Communications Expert
  • Operational Director
    Hristo Dikov
    Hristo Dikov Operational Director
  • Business Development Department
    Prices and trade policy. Consultations and training.
    Mihail Mitev Customer Services Manager
    Daniela Ivanova Packaging Consultant
  • Internal control & reporting
    Katerina Hristova Internal Control and Reporting
  • Separate Collection Unit
    Introduction of separate collection systems for municipalities and adjacent settlements;
    Boris Stoyanov Head of Separate Collection Unit - South
    Petar Shopov Separate Collection Expert
    Borislav Yordanov Separate Collection Expert
    Georgi Georgiev Separate Collection Expert
    Eleonora Kurteva Separate Collection Expert

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0800 15253 Free telephone line for alerts for separate waste collection


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