Hartyoad, Plastoyadka, and Stukloyad Set off on Fall Tour

Hartyoad, Plastoyadka, and Stukloyad Set off on Fall Tour

ECOPACK Bulgaria’s fairy-tale characters teach the children in Montana, Mezdra, Vurshets, and Sopot how to collect waste separately and to take care of nature every day.

The amusing educational puppet show “A Tale of Brave Little Empty-Bellied Heroes” kicks off its fall tour on September 18th. For five years already, the Fairy Tale Theater-Sofia has been touring the country under the initiative of ECOPACK Bulgaria “Feed me, I Eat Separately”. More than 8,350 children across Bulgaria have already become advocates of the idea of separate packaging waste collection.

Ever since its founding, the largest waste-recovery organization in this country has embraced as its mission to teach a responsible attitude to nature to children aged 4 to 8 across the country.

In a manner and language accessible to children, the show raises the issue of the responsibility of each inhabitant of the Earth for the future of the planet. This is part of the mission of Ecopack Bulgaria – to educate the young so that the green message can be passed on to the adults, as well. Because it is the belief at Ecopack Bulgaria that “children are the best ambassadors of the green idea and often help form good habits among adults.”

The children who are already familiar with the quirky characters that live in the park and feed on waste paper, plastic and glass know that it is necessary to collect waste separately in order to recycle it.  The show also teaches the children what type of waste goes in each color-coded container. “I learned that the trash we throw into the common metal bins pollutes nature and that landfills are taking up ever larger portions of the Earth. But if we collect the different kinds separately, they are recycled and then brought to new life,” competently explains little Nia (aged 9), who since meeting Plastoyadka in the park, has been conscientiously following the advice of the fairy-tale characters in her everyday life.

The project is implemented in partnership with the municipalities with which ECOPACK Bulgaria has concluded waste management contracts. All of the children take an active part in waste sorting competitions, dancing and singing, and in the end they all leave with gifts - magnets with the characters and coloring comic books. 

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