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Svilengrad Municipality won the Greenest Municipality Award for 2017 with a project for separate waste collection in kindergartens and apartment buildings


ECOPACK Bulgaria awarded the local government’s long-term strategy in the Small Municipality category.
Svilengrad Municiality won the  competition organized by ECOPACK Bulgaria for Greenest Municipality in 2017. The awarded project in the Small Municipality category, with population up to 25,000, introduces an innovative method of overcoming the anonymity of those who pollute the environment by allowing electronic access to the separate waste collection system.
In 2017, the competition included 19 participating municipalities divided into three categories – small, medium-sized, and large municipality. The projects were expected to meet criteria such as creativity, scalability, good practices, and effectiveness.
The project of Svilengrad Municipality involves pilot establishment of three Green Eco Sites and placing separate collection containers of the Igloo type. The three eco sites are to be located across from apartment buildings and access to the separate collection system will be secured through electronic chips made available only to the residents of those buildings.
Mini Green Eco Sites will also be set up at all the kindergartens in the town. The aim is to teach children to collect waste separately so that they could become ambassadors of the idea at home. The motto of the campaign is “Let’s Collect Separately”. 
Winning the Greenest Municipality award in the competition organized by ECOPACK Bulgaria is a tremendous recognition to Svilengrad Municipality. In this way we are teaching citizens to act responsibly to the environment. We started with the single family homes, when we placed 1,000 yellow bins. Now we are following up with the apartment buildings and kindergartens. The complete the cycle, the next stage will cover tourist sites and retail outlets. Svilengrad Municipality will continue to advance the green idea because it is a long-term investment in making the town a better place to live,” said Deputy Mayor of Svilengrad Municipality Georgi Manolov.
Todor Bourgoudjiev, Executive Director of ECOPACK Bulgaria presented the Mayor of Svilengrad Municipality with the prize – a statuette, a certificate, and a BGN 10,000 check.
“Svilengrad won the competition in its category because the municipal administration has a long-term waste management strategy. This is due to the immense commitment of Mayor Manolov and his team. It is very inspiring to support a project involving families and children. I believe children are the best ambassadors of the idea of separate packaging waste collection – they can motivate their parents to act more responsibly to nature and the place where they live,” said Mr. Bourgoudjiev.
ECOPACK organized the Greenest Municipality competition for the third consecutive year. Applications are invited from the partner municipalities with which ECOPACK Bulgaria has concluded contracts for maintenance of the separate packaging waste collection systems.
Конкурсът „Най-зелена община“ се организира от „Екопак България“ АД за трета поредна година. За призовете се състезават общините, с които организацията има сключени договори за управление на системите за разделно събиране на отпадъци от опаковки. 
The goal is both to award the best eco projects, and to encourage active green policies on the part of the municipalities, to improve the efficiency of the systems for separate waste collection, and to inform and educate the public about its benefits. 
A new edition of the competition ECOPACK’S Greenest Municipality will be launched in March 2018. It will be open to all ECOPACK partner municipalities.


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