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Shumen revamps its separate packaging waste collection system


The residents of Shumen will be pleased to find new color-coded igloo-type containers for the separate collection of packaging waste installed in their town.

In early October, ECOPACK Bulgaria placed 252 new igloo-type containers for the separate collection of packaging waste in Shumen. The investment amounts to BGN 180,000. The organization is responsible for the town’s separate waste collection system north of Poroina River.

The new model is more efficient and environmentally friendly, making it harder to dispose of household and construction waste and reducinglittering outside the containers.The new containers may have different technical characteristics but come in the familiar three colors: blue containers for the collection of paper and cardboard packaging; yellow containers for the collection of plastic and metal packaging, and green ones, for the collection of glass packaging.


Aspecially designedwaste collection truck equipped with GPS for real-time trackinghas been purchased to service the new containers. It is presently operating with the following schedule: blue and yellow containers are to be serviced once in 15 days, and the green ones, on a quarterly basis.


According to Alexander Todorov, Head of Internal Control and Accountability at Ecopack Bulgaria, the expectations are to reduce by half the quantity of household waste that ends up in the color-coded containers, and to improve by at least as much the quality of the collected packaging. As for glass, he estimates the improvements will result in up to three times more and cleaner glass packaging.


This year’s novelty are the locking mechanisms that Ecopack Bulgaria has gradually begun installing on the yellow containers. “For several years now we’ve been observing rising incidence of people scavenging plastic material from our containers, breaking them, or littering around them. We’ve repeatedly brought up the issue with representatives of the municipal authorities and asked for their assistance in tackling this problem. Since there hasn’t been any adequate response, we’ve had to deal with it ourselves and that is how we designed a locking mechanism for this particular type of container in order to reduce scavenging, overturning and breaking of the containers. Since the beginning of the year, such a system has been put in place in one Sofia region and in the town of Haskovo, and the results have been very good,” said company CTO, Rumen Shurliev,

As heretofore, all collected waste is to undergo further sorting before being transported to the recycling plants.The new additions and improvements all aim to improve the separate collection system, increasing the amount of collected recyclable packaging and reducing the waste going to landfill and waste storage sites.


The organization appeals to the citizens of Shumen to take good care of their brand new containers and to dispose of their waste separately.



0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.