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The system for separate packaging waste collection developed by Ecopack consists of 3 color containers: blue – for paper and cardboard, yellow – for metal and plastic, green – for glass. This is the most common and efficiency proven model in Europe.

The types of containers allocated in municipalities, commercial outlets, warehouses and manufacture facilities are as follows:
1. Two-wheel plastic containers of 120 liters or 240 liters




 2. Four-wheel and “Chest” type lid plastic and metal containers of 770 l and 1100 l




3. Plastic or metal containers with bottom opening of 1500 l (including the “Igloo” type containers)





4. Four-wheel and “Chest” type lid blue and yellow plastic containers of 770 liters and 1100 l combined with a bottom opening “Igloo” type green container of 1000 l or 1500 l




Press-containers (for paper and plastic packaging waste) and Multifit system type (for paper and glass packaging waste) are used to collect waste generated in large commercial outlets, warehouses and manufacture facilities.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.