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Residents of 8 streets in Svilengrad take part in pilot door-to-door project


On July 1st, 2016, the residents of eight streets in Svilengrad received free of charge a yellow container of their own for the collection of paper, plastic, and metal packaging provided by ECOPACK Bulgaria. With the assistance of Svilengrad Municipality, the organization will implement the door-to-door approach designed for low-rise residential areas. ECOPACK will cover the cost of bimonthly household packaging waste collection following a pre-established schedule. These containers will supplement Svilengrad’s general separate waste collection system which in other parts of town uses the familiar color-coded containers: blue for paper and cardboard, yellow for metal and plastic, and green for glass.

The participating households are to use the yellow container only for the separate collection of paper and cardboard, plastic, and metal packaging waste according to the instructions on the attached sticker and the specially produced information leaflet. Ten days after the project kicked-off, the results of the first scheduled collection were quite promising – 100% of the households had deposited properly sorted paper and plastic packaging waste totalling 1,600 kg.

Please be reminded of the rules for the separate collection of packaging waste:


Our goals are to improve citizens’ motivation and responsible use of the separate packaging waste collection systems, to preserve the environment, and to obtain cleaner recyclable waste material.

To contact ECOPACK, you are welcome to use the toll-free number 0800 1 5253, or write to us atoffice@ecopack.bg.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.