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Peshtera Municipality Wins the Greenest Municipality of 2015 Award in Medium-Size Category


Peshtera Municipality won the Greenest Municipality of 2015 Award in the competition organized by ECOPACK Bulgaria. The prize of BGN 15,000 will be used to implement an excellent project for the protection and promotion of the town’s separate packaging waste collection system.

Peshtera Municipality’s eco project won in the medium-size municipality category after scoring 414 out of 480 possible points. The projects were evaluated by experts in separate waste collection (ECOPACK Bulgaria), independent experts in the field of packaging waste management (Denkstatt Bulgaria), and experts in organizing and conducting public awareness campaigns (V+O Communication).

The Peshtera Municipality project involves protection of the color-coded separate collection containers through a video surveillance system and promotion of separate packaging waste collection through public awareness campaigns. The campaign ambassadors will be the children of Peshtera who will create and hand out useful 3D materials carrying eco messages.

The first edition of the Greenest Municipality competition brought together 24 partner municipalities of ECOPACK from across the country. The goal was to award the best eco projects, as well as to encourage active green policies on the part of the municipalities, to improve the efficiency of the systems for separate waste collection, and to inform and educate the public about its uses and benefits. The prizes provided by ECOPACK Bulgaria will finance green and sustainable projects of social importance in each municipality.

„We hope to see even more municipalities joining in the competition this year. We will soon announce the new terms of participation on the dedicated website. The goal of the Greenest Municipality initiative is to assist the municipalities in their activities and problems related to waste management by financing projects which will reduce the amount of landfill waste and will increase the rate of recycling and reuse. Projects that will improve the operation of the separate waste collection systems on the local level and will encourage more active citizen participation. We are a committed partner to Bulgarian municipalities and together we work to make our cities cleaner and greener,” said Todor Burgudzhiev, ECOPACK Bulgaria Executive Director, during the award ceremony. 


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.