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Getting included in the separate packaging waste collection system

In order to get included in Ecopack’s separate packaging waste collection system, a municipality should express its intentions in a letter.

Ecopack then approaches the municipality back with a reply in which arguments for implementation, parameters of the suggested particular system or another option are specified. An exemplary contract appointing the Municipality as “Principal” and Ecopack as “Contractor” is attached to the letter.

Upon discussion and signing of the contract a Program is being developed. It includes description of the separate packaging waste collection system’s technical parameters – territory range, locations, type and number of the color containers in the respective locations, minimized schedule of the waste transportation, responsible companies and their obligations, contact persons with expertise on Ecopack’s behalf.

Ecopack delegates the activities of the separate waste collection system implementation to subcontractors:

  • a company for waste collection and transportation of the color containers in the municipality;
  • a company for sorting, packing in bales, deposition of the non-recyclable packaging waste to the municipal or regional non-danger waste depot.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.