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Minister Nona Karadjova at the launch of ECOPACK’s waste sorting facility in Rouse


The waste recovery organization ECOPACK Bulgaria launched its new modern sorting facility for paper and plastic packaging waste in Rouse on the 26th of April (2 Akad. Michail Arnaudov Str., “Zdravetz Sever 2” block).

Present at the official launch ceremony were Mrs. Nona Karadjova – Minister of the environment and water, Mr. Plamen Stoilov – Mayor of Rouce Municipality and Mr. Stefko Bourdjiev – governor of Rouse District. The follow-up press conference clarified the new directions in the efforts for environmental preservation in the region as well as throughout the country.

“Our treatment of nature is part of the nation’s system of values. This is another step further on the way to an efficiently recycling community”, said Minister Nona Karadjova. She added that “protecting the environment is up to us. It is a long process and only sustainability and consistency of actions can guarantee the successful outcome and provide a befitting heritage for our children”.

The active sorting platform has been in exploitation since 2008 but the waste was manually processed until now. The newly implemented installation for mechanical waste sorting, worth of 450 thousand Leva, is a joint investment with the firm operating on the platform. ECOPACK Bulgaria has set the target of improving the process and the quality of all waste collected separately from the municipalities of Rouse, Tutrakan, Tzar Kaloyan and Dve Mogili.

The installation’s capacity is from 15 000 to 20 000 tons a year. 12 new job positions will be opened as a result from the sorting line’s implementation.

Waste sorting installations are an important component in the whole separate packaging waste collecting process. People often are not aware of what exactly happens with the waste they’ve collected separately which sometimes compromises the process of responsible attitude towards nature. Therefore ECOPACK considers informing society to be crucial. The households should be aware that their efforts to collect waste separately are justified by the full circle of the recycling process. The cycle starts off with the color containers, proceeds with the transportation equipment and finishes at the sorting platform. The packaging waste collected in the blue, yellow and green containers arrives at the platform and then gets preliminary treatment with removal of the non-recyclable and organic waste. The recyclable paper and plastic packaging waste is being sorted, packed in bales and then transported to processing and recycling factories.

Up to date, the national separate collection system built by ECOPACK consists of 20 100 containers that cater for more than 2,68 million citizens in 93 municipalities. Besides the new one, ECOPACK owns the most active separation installations – 12 in total, allocated in Sofia, Pazardjik, Stara Zagora, Varna, Pleven, Vratza, Bourgas and Dupnitza. The collective capacity of our sorting service power is 350 thousand tons.

These provide 200 job positions. 17, 2 million Leva have been invested in containers, transportation equipment and sorting facilities in the period 2006 – 2011. ECOPACK has signed contracts with 27 Bulgarian recycling factories which enhances the efficient processing of the waste and full control over the packaging’s course.  

ECOPACK’s sorting system in Rouse is located on a renovated platform, secured with the necessary infrastructure, electrification, water and draining system and anti-fire system.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.