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Kids in Haskovo collect 4.7 tons of paper for recycling and save 61 trees


940 children received over 1,000 books as gifts from the “Old Paper for New Book”campaign.

The national campaign kicked off in Haskovo on September 10th 2016. The initiative is being held for the fourth consecutive year and for the first time in Haskovo as part of the City Day celebrations. Under the motto “Clean Up and Read Up”, the children found out more about recycling and how to collect waste separately, and received a free book of their choice.

Each adult-accompanied child who handed overat least 5 kg of old paper for recycling received a new book. The kids who broughtin an additional 5 kg got a second environmentally themed book: the You Can Save the Planet edition provided by ECOPACK Bulgaria. The initiative fulfilled its main goal – to show the children how to protect the environment and why it is important to collect waste separately, as well as to stimulate their interest in reading and books.

The campaign in Haskovo brought in a total of 4.7 tons of paper and gave away over 1,000 free books to more than 900 children. By handing over this much paper for recycling, the participating children saved 61 trees from felling. The entire event was held in a festive atmosphere. Under the motto “Clean Up and Read Up”, the children had fun with an eco-themedpuppet show about three little paper-, plastic-, and glass-eating characters living in the park. After the show, every child got a comic coloring book with the story of the characters in the play performed by The Fairy Tale Theater-Sofia. The children and their parents also had the opportunity to test their knowledge on literatureand environmental subjects in fun quiz games with many surprise gifts.

More than 200 talented children from Haskovo took care of the good mood of the visitors. Children’s and youth singing and dance groups, among which those of the sports clubs Grand, Tangra, Mega Sport, and Tornado, the acrobats from the Yunak gymnastics club, the aerobics stars from Violena and Seven Go clubs, showed off their talent before a numerous audience. The stage on Svoboda Square also welcomed the children’s singing group Orfeytche, the children’s dance troupe Yuzhnyatche, Rona ballet troupe, Orfey choir, and the Haskovo cheerleading troupe.

The initiators of the event were ECOPACK Bulgaria and Greenwich Book Center. The Haskovo edition was held with the assistance of Haskovo Municipality and the Hristo Smirnenski Regional Library. Event partners included Enthusiast Publishing House, The Fun Reading Campaign, and BS Films, while NOVA TV, ploshtadslaveikov.com, clubz.bg, dnes.bg, az-deteto.bg, azcheta.com were media partners. The event was also made possible thanks to the contributions from the publishing houses Hermes, Bard, Knigomania, Fyut, Egmont, Trud, Damyan Yakov, Siela, Softpress, PAN, Zlatnoto Pate, which provided free books to reward all the young fans of recycling. Albo Group, partners of Greenwich Book enter, made sure there were lots of gifts for the bright young participants in the quiz games.

The very first “Old Paper for New Book” campaign was launched on September 15th in 2013. The event organizers and partners were brought together by the shared idea that it is important for every child to learn from a very early age to care for nature and to recycle, as well as to have a special appreciation for books and reading. More than 9,300 children took part in the three editions of 2013, 2014, and 2015. The kids, together with their parents, handed over for recycling more than 50 tons of paper and were presented with more than 10,000 books. Thus we have all helped save 657 trees from felling.

The funds raised from the collected paper in Haskovo and the other three cities in the campaign will go towards the publishing costs ofthe special “You Can Save the Planet” edition, provided in advance by ECOPACK Bulgaria.


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