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How the System Operates

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ECOPACK BULGARIA finances the costs associated with the introduction of separate collection and sorting of packaging waste. The amount of funding required is determined on a municipal basis, taking into account factors such as existing systems for separate collection and sorting, type of materials sorted, number of inhabitants covered, distance to recycling and recovery installations etc.

ECOPACK BULGARIA is financed by the sale of recyclable materials and by fees collected from its members. Depending on the total quantity of packaging reported per calendar year, these so called "recovery fees" are due annually, quarterly or monthly. 

ECOPACK BULGARIA does not distribute profit. All monies collected go towards covering costs associated with the administration and operation of practically nation-wide packaging waste recovery and the conduct of awareness and educational campaigns to promote separate collection. 

Collection, transport, sorting and pre-treatment of separately collected packaging waste from households, commercial and industrial sites and office buildings is performed by specialized companies under contract with ECOPACK BULGARIA. These companies have long experience in waste management, leading market positions in Bulgaria as well as the necessary permits, registration documents, equipment and facilities. In order to fulfil its obligations for packaging waste recovery and recycling ECOPACK BULGARIA has also contracted with suitable plants recycling various packaging materials.



0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.