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ECOPACK’s PR Priz 2016 Triumph


ECOPACK Bulgaria grabbed two of the three awards in the “Green Communications and Urban Environment” category in Bulgarian PR Association’s competition – PR Priz. The renowned jury ranked the “Eco Labyrinth” campaign first in the category, while “Become an Eco Hero! Teach everyone at home to collect waste separately!” was awarded 2nd place.

Eco Labyrinth is an innovative educational concept which employs fun and memorable teaching methods to educate and motivate both children and adults to collect waste separately, recycle used beverage cartons and all other packaging waste as well as to preserve the environment and conserve natural resources.        


In 2015 the Eco Labyrinth campaign took place in eight Bulgarian cities, reaching hundreds of thousands with the message that instead of filling landfills and contaminating the water, air and soil for hundreds of years, the materials used for producing beverage cartons can be used in various ways to benefit both nature and society.

The “Become an Eco Hero! Teach everyone at home to collect waste separately!” campaign turns children into ambassadors for separate waste collection who spread the ‘green idea’ among their families and communities.  In 2015 only, 17 128 families of students from 162 different schools in 13 different cities (30% of the entire student body) became ‘Eco Heroes’.

The campaigns were developed and realized in cooperation with DeConi marketing agency. The competition’s tenth year anniversary edition attracted a record number of campaigns whose professionalism, according to the experts in the jury, met the highest world standards. 


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.