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ECOPACK`S Eco Labyrinth: Help Wild Animals Survive In Nature - Collect Waste Separately


“Awesome!”, “I want another go!”, “It was great, I answered all of the questions!” were some of the most common reactions of the children who visited the ECOPACK Eco Labyrinth last weekend in Sofia’s Yuzhen Park. Feedback from their parents was just as positive, if on a less excited note: “Most useful initiative”, “I learned a lot myself”, “We should all take care of nature, thank you for teaching our children.”

Eco Labyrinth is an innovative educational concept aimed at motivating both children and adults to participate in the process of separate waste collection at home. The benefits to society are significant when rather than piling up in landfills waste is returned to the economy in the form of raw materials. The benefits to the environment are no less important – if they end up in nature some waste materials can take hundreds of years all while contaminating the water, air, and soil. They also pose a real threat to a number of animal and plant species.And that is the message of the Eco Labyrinth and the accompanying exhibition of photosof endangered animals and plants (www.ecolabyrinth.eu) – “Help wild animals survive in nature – collect waste separately!”

The Eco Labyrinth was set up in Sofia’s Yuzhen Park on May 25-26, as part of the Eco Art Fest. It was visited by more than 350 children and many of their parents, among whom Ms. Yordanka Fandukova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality. Sofia is the seventh city to welcome the Eco Labyrinth.


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