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ECOPACK Puts in Place a Separate Packaging Waste Collection System in Two Sofia Regions – Mladost and Studentski


By the end of April this year ECOPACK will place 759 containers for separate packaging waste collection in the Mladost and Studentski regions of Sofia Municipality. The containers will be of the igloo type, in the three familiar colors:

Blue containers – for collection of paper and cardboard waste;
Yellow containers – for collection of plastic and metal packaging waste;
Green containers – for collection of glass packaging waste.
The results of the survey commissioned by ECOPACK indicate that more than 60% of the people get informed about where to dispose of their packaging waste from the stickers on the containers themselves. New sticker designs were developed for this reason.
In connection with the launch of the separate waste collection system in the two new regions, a public awareness campaign will be conducted. It will include development and dissemination of information materials jointly with the municipality. The goal is to inform the residents of the respective areas about separate packaging waste collection and to motivate them to take an active part in it.
The project further includes a visit by the ECOPACK special 3D Ecobus which has been teaching schoolchildren across the country about separate waste collection and its benefits to the environment and society for three years already.
Furthermore, by the end of November, in accordance with the requirements of Sofia Municipality, in the remaining four Sofia regions where ECOPACK operates – Oborishte, Sredets, Triaditsa, and Krasno Selo – all hinge-lid containers will be replaced with igloo type ones. 
In the past year alone, thanks to the separate waste collection in the ECOPACK color containers, 523,000 trees were saved from felling; 46.33 m kWh were saved, as well as 1,287 m liters of drinking water and 100,575 barrels of oil; the volume of landfill waste was reduced by 160,000 cubic meters.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.