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ECOPACK Bulgaria Meets 2015 Targets and Remains Market Leader


ECOPACK Bulgaria has met its packaging waste recycling and recovery targets for 2015 and reaffirmed its leading position.

As confirmed by Decree (РД-262/16.05.2016) of the Minister of the Environment and Water Ivelina Vassileva, the recycling and recovery targets of the members of ECOPACK for 2015 have been met.

For the 12th consecutive year, ECOPACK reasserted its position as leader among the packaging waste recovery organizations in Bulgaria, with its market share of 42.12%.

In 2015, ECOPACK members declared 149 685.11 tons of packaging released on the market and ECOPACK handed over for recycling and recovery 91,031.635 t of packaging waste, of which 45,219.784 t paper, 21,673.58 t glass, 14,250.384 t plastic, 4,800.227 t metal, and 4,979 t timber.

The total recycled amount constitutes 60.81% of the declared packaging versus the minimum required 55%.

In 2015, ECOPACK Bulgaria managed the separate waste collection systems in 73 municipalities with total population of 2,726,782, serviced by 15,545 color-coded containers with total capacity of 20,494,830 l.

The clients for whom ECOPACK Bulgaria fulfilled recycling targets numbered 1195 in total.

In the course of the past year, ECOPACK Bulgaria continued to invest funds in modernizing the separate collection systems, implementing new technological solutions and European practices.

2015 marked the successful launch of the development of separate waste collection systems in the Municipalities of Karnobat, Sungurlare, Aitos, and Kameno. The process of optimization of packaging waste related activities continued, as well as the replacement of hinged lid containers with ‘igloo’ ones.

By collecting and handing over for recycling 91,030.635 tons of packaging waste, ECOPACK Bulgaria:

Saved from felling in excess of  581,834 trees.

- 287 million kWh of electric power;
- 1.437 billion liters of drinking water;
- 141,545 barrels of petroleum oil.

Reduced the volume of waste deposited at urban waste disposal sites by 180,872 cubic meters.

ECOPACK Bulgaria continues to pursue its strategic goal:

“To be a trusted partner of society, clients, and institutions and to turn recycling into a habit.”


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.