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ECOPACK Bulgaria Invests BGN 4 Million in Reducing Landfill Waste


The organization once more comes out as leader in the separate packaging waste collection with 42.4% market share and in 2016 exceeded its recycling targets by more than 4%.
ECOPACK Bulgaria invested more than BGN 4 Million in  four projects to reduce the amount of packaging waste going to landfills. For the first time in 2016 the organization started collecting packaging waste directly from hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. The idea is to improve the purity of the recyclable materials and reduce processing costs.
A hydraulic locking system for the color-coded containers, full replacement of hinged-lid containers with igloo-type ones, and door-to-door collection and the remaining projects with which ECOPACK Bulgaria will be reducing landfill waste.
By the end of 2016, 12,734 out of a total of 14,541 containers had been replaced with new igloo-type ones in 64 municipalities. Thanks to the smaller openings of the igloos, the amount of general waste is reduced and the purity of the recyclable materials is improved by up to 50%.
ECOPACK Bulgaria exceeded its recycling targets by more than 4% in 2016. The total amount recycled constitutes 64.19% of the reported amount of packaging, with 60% required by law. In the past year, 1,226 ECOPACK member companies reported 155,978 tons of packaging released on the market. Of those, ECOPACK handed over 100,117.47 t of packaging waste for recycling and recovery, of which 47,746.38 t of paper, 23,795.52 t of glass, 16,874.08 t of plastic, 4,806.94 t of metal, and 6,851.77 t of timber.
In 2016, ECOPACK Bulgaria invested BGN 2.5 m in Bulgaria’s first-of-its-kind glass color-sorting facility in Ravno Pole. It has the capacity to process 100 tons of glass packaging a day.
For the 13th consecutive year, ECOPACK reaffirmed its leading position among packaging recovery organizations in this country, with a market share of 42.4%. By MES data on 2016, the organization covered a total population of 2,630,718 and serviced 14,539 color-coded containers. 
The containers are serviced by 38 trucks with integrated GPS system monitoring in real time the transportation of the waste material by type.
“In 2017 ECOPACK Bulgaria will invest BGN 1.1 m in a new plastic and paper sorting facility in Sofia,” announced Executive Director of ECOPACK Bulgaria Todor Bourgoudjiev.
As of this year, the organization is taking on the separate packaging waste collection in 22 more municipalities. 


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