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ECOPACK Bulgaria Distinguished with “Green Oscar”


On the 8th of June 2016, Hilton Hotel hosted the sixth annual edition of The Greenest Companies of Bulgaria national competition that by now has become emblematic of  responsible business in the country. b2b Media’s unique competition appraised and distinguished the greenest companies operating in Bulgaria. Small and large companies alike showed and proved that they are truly capable of changing their ecological footprint and developing their companies in an environment-friendly way. 

The study is unique for Bulgaria, taking into consideration green corporate strategies and targets met. It concerns companies with green investments which initiate actions and embrace causes for a healthier environment.

This year, the competition attracted a record number of participants. Over 60 companies vied for the “Green Oscars” in the competition organized by b2b Media. Companies across all sectors of the Bulgarian economy competed with their green policies and messages in the 13 main categories.

ECOPACK Bulgaria won the first place in the “Recycling Industry and Waste Management” category, followed by “Municipal Enterprise for Waste Treatment” in second and Vierhouten Bulgaria Ltd in third place.

Basic assessment criteria underlying the online questionnaire filled in by companies:

1. Sustainable policies 2015
Specific actions to reduce the adverse impact of the company’s activity.

2. Green practices
Concerns internal processes related to product use and external relations with business counterparts.

3. Regulatory framework
Are you familiar with the legal framework regulating your activity with regard to environmental impact?

4. Sustainable investments 2015
Funds invested in sustainable policies, activities, and initiatives in 2015.

5. Promoting green practices
Internal corporate and public communications

6. Certification
Certificates and other official documents issued by third parties attesting activities to reduce the company’s environmental impact, including awards received in the Greenest Companies in Bulgaria national competition.

7. Resource management
Programs and activities related to environment-friendly use of resources by the company.

8. Sustainable initiatives 2015
Environmental projects on a local and national level initiated by the company or with the company’s participation.

9. Promises kept 2015
Consistency between words and deeds – what promises made in 2014 were fulfilled in 2015.

Photo: ECOPACK Bulgaria Executive Director Todor Bourgoudjiev receiving the Green Oscar



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