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ECOPACK Bulgaria and Plovdiv Municipality organized an event at "Stefan Stambolov" Square on March 23, 11:00 am !


From1 March this year, the citizens of the largest in territory and population Ward of Plovdiv Municipality - Central will be able to separate their packaging  waste in the three colored containers of ECOPACK. In Plovdiv the organization serves Thrakia Ward from 2009, where are located 110 containers.

In the Central Ward 104 points (three containers) are placed in specific locations, according to the number of inhabitants and the places where the largest amount of waste are generated. Blue and yellow containers are "Chest" type  with cover  and the green are of the "igloo " type.  On all containers are placed explanatory labels with information about what type of waste can be disposed in them and what not.

  • The bluecontainer is for paper packaging - cardboard and paperboard.
  • The yellowis for plastic and metal containers - aluminum, steel, PET, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene.
  • The greencontaineris for glass packaging. There should not be discarded window glass, mirrors, porcelain, because the technological process of recycling is different.

The containerswill be serviced on schedule – the blue and yellow weekly, the green – monthly.

All costsof placement and servicing of containers and respective treatment ofthe collected waste are at the expense of ECOPACK.  The Municipal enterprise "ChistotaPlovdiv"will transport the separately collected packaging waste from the colored containers to the site for pre-treatment before sorting.  Then the waste is sorted by type and quality and is ​​baled and transported to processing plants with which ECOPACK Bulgaria has signed contracts.

The separate collectionof packaging waste in the Central Ward will contribute to reducing waste at the Landfill by 12 482.5 m3 for one year.

The citizens can finduseful information on the separate collection about “The way of waste”, and answers to many other questions on our site: www.ecopack.bg , or call the free Green telephone number for questions and signals - 0800 1 5253. ECOPACK Bulgaria pays great attention to close cooperation and feedback form the citizens, thus ensuring that the system works well and as a result real benefits for the environment to be achieved.

To mark the start of the system in the Central Ward,  on 23 March ECOPACK together with the Municipality of Plovdiv, organized a special event at "Stefan Stambolov"   Square from 11:00. There you will see the magic show "The garbage does not disappear itself" by the magician Mr. Jimmy. He’ll demonstrate how the waste can be turned into new useful things - just as the packaging waste dumped in a three colors ECOPACK containers. From the interactive game "Be an Eco Hero", you can see what kids know about sorting, which type of waste in which color container should be thrown, the benefits for the environment, the city and the society as a whole. There will be many surprises and high spirits!


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.