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ECOPACK Bulgaria and Pernik Municipality to Jointly Put in Place a Separate Packaging Waste Collection System


ECOPACK Bulgaria, the biggest packaging waste recovery organization, has begun putting in place a system for separate packaging waste collection in the town of Pernik.

By the end of April 2014, 480 containers, with total volume of 592 cubic meters, will be made available throughout the town. They will be placed in 160 locations designated by the Municipality. In each location there will be:

-       A blue hinge-lid container – for the collection of paper and cardboard packaging

-       A yellow hinge-lid container – for the collection of plastic and metal packaging, and

-       A green igloo-type container – for the collection of glass packaging.

Initially, the yellow and blue containers  will be serviced 3 times a month, and the green ones, once every two months. If subsequently it should be found that larger quantities of packaging waste are generated, the schedule will be modified. It is very important for citizens to know that only one particular type of container is serviced on a given day. The service trucks will have special signs showing the type of waste collected on the particular day, as well as the ECOPACK toll-free ‘green’ number which citizens may call to report any violations.

In connection with the introduction of the separate packaging waste collection system in Pernik Municipality, a special public awareness campaign will be conducted. It will start on April 26th with a concert within the initiative ‘Let’s Clean Up Bulgaria!’. The concert will take place on Krakra Pernishki Square and will start at 16h30. Performers include the magician Mister Jimmie, Toma Zdravkov (Toma from Music Idol) with his band, Vassil Chergov and Nikolina Atanassova (from The Voice of Bulgaria), as well as two hip-hop bands from Pernik. The Municipality and ECOPACK will be disseminating information materials from which the citizens of Pernik will find out more about various aspects of the process and the benefits of separate waste collection.

As part of the project, as of today, the ECOPACK 3-D Ecobus has begun touring the schools in the town. All schoolchildren in grades 1 through 4 will have the opportunity to visit the bus and learn about separate packaging waste collection and how it helps save nature.

More information about the ECOPACK 3-D Ecobus is available on www.ecopack.bg/ecobus .


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.