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ECOPACK Bulgaria AD invests 262,300 bgn in 430 new separate waste collection containers in Plovdiv


Since 1 October, 143,000 residents of two districts of the city of Plovdiv – the Central and Trakia districts - have been provided with new colored containers for separate collection of packaging waste.

Igloo type containers are significantly more efficient and environment-friendly – they make it harder to dispose of household and construction waste and reduce littering outside the containers. A study conducted by ECOPACK has shown an almost two fold improvement in quality of the waste collected from igloo type containers as compared to those previously in use.


The new containers come in the familiar three colors:

Blue – for the collection of paper and cardboard packaging waste;

Yellow – for the collection of plastic and metal packaging waste;

Green – for the collection of glass packaging waste.

ECOPACK Bulgaria AD, which finances, organizes, and manages the Separate Waste Collection System in the two districts, has invested BGN 262,300 in the purchase and placement of 430 new containers. As heretofore, all collected waste is to undergo further sorting before being transported to the recycling plants.

One of the main goals of ECOPACK Bulgaria AD has been to improve the separate collection system and increase the amount of collected recyclable packaging waste while reducing landfill waste.

We’d like to help make the city of Plovdiv a cleaner and greener place to live. That is why we invest every year in new, more functional containers and awareness-raising campaigns. In turn, we count on citizens to keep their city clean by disposing of their packaging waste in the appropriate green, yellow, and blue color containers. Let’s join efforts to protect one of the most beautiful cities of Bulgaria!” said ECOPACK Bulgaria Executive Director Todor Burgudzhiev.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.