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ECOPACK achieved its packaging waste recycling targets and remained a market leader for the 8th consecutive year


The organization has recycled 68 496 tons of packaging waste – 4900 tons more than the regulation defined targets for 2011

Again this year, ECOPACK reasserted its leading position amongst the separate packaging waste collection organizations with 43, 4% market share. Mrs. Nona Karadjova, Minister of environment and water, signed the order to approve the organization’s activity and its target achievement for 2011. List of members whose target achievements have been approved:  


In 2011 ECOPACK’s clients declared 127 228 tons of packaging which is 8% more compared to last year. ECOPACK submitted for recycling and recovery 68 496 tons of packaging as follows: 33 697 tons of paper, 18 118 tons of glass, 9 558 tons of plastic, 3 202 tons of metal and 3 876 tons of wood. The total recycled amount is 53,84% of the declared packaging quantity with the regulatory standard being 50%.

In this way, thanks to its clients and partners, ECOPACK contributed to the nature’s preservation and saving useful materials and resources by saving 438 061 trees, 68 817 kWh of electro energy, 1070 million liters of drinking water and 134 cubic meters of volume from the waste facilities.

In 2011 ECOPACK continued investing in the separate collection systems by overseeing the service of 20 142 color containers in 95 municipalities with total population of 2, 79 million. The organization’s expense decrease depends on the separate collection systems’ efficiency. Therefore ECOPACK keeps making efforts to optimize the systems and apply new technological solutions and European practices.

A GPS system that includes truck tagging and transportation equipment was implemented in Sofia as a pilot project in 2011. The system provides real time information about the route and the schedule of all service trucks. In this way the subcontractors’ activity of transporting the separately collected waste packaging is being thoroughly supervised. The system was also implemented in the city of Bourgas and it is about to be used in other large cities.

The replacement of Chest type containers with Igloo ones continued in 2011. The analysis based on observations of previous years of experience proved that waste of a better quality is being collected in the new containers.

During the past year the new optical sorter for stones, ceramics and porcelain removal in the glass waste processing facility in Ravno Pole was activated. The purity of glass that is reached in this way is 99, 7% thus providing maximum purchase price and 30% on top of the revenue from glass sales.

A new installation for mechanical packaging waste separation was built on the active sorting platform in Rouse. It aims improvement of the sorting process and quality and increase the quantity of collected recyclable materials in the region.

All of ECOPACK’s efforts are dedicated to the organization’s long term sustainability and guaranteeing achievement of our clients’ targets in the best conditions possible.


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