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Children Delighted by Eco Labyrinth Visit to Shumen


On Monday, May 16th, more than 350 children enjoyed the Eco Labyrinth visit to Shumen. Everyone who took up the challenge managed to answer correctly the questions that awaited them inside, to find the exit, and win the prizes prepared for them by ECOPACK Bulgaria and Shumen Municipality. Among the most eager participants were the children from Konche Vihrogonche Kindergarten, Panayot Volov School, Trayko Simeonov School, and Sava Dobroplodni School.

Eco Labyrinth is a fun learning experience for young and old. Everyone who enters the Labyrinth must answer 11 questions related to separate waste collection, recycling, and the preservation of the environment. All visitors who find their way to the exit win a prize – a poster of an animal from endangered species included in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria. The event is accompanied by a special exhibition presenting interesting facts and information about protected animal species and plants in Bulgaria.

Eco Labyrinth is part of the public awareness campaign on separate collection and recycling of packaging waste. In addition to the immediate benefits of waste recovery for nature and society, it stresses the direct relationship between our own responsible, environment-friendly behavior and the survival of animals and plants in their natural habitats. The photos and information from the exhibition are available onwww.ecolabyrinth.eu


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