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Become an Eco Hero Campaign Concludes in Vidin and Dimitrovgrad


The prize draw was held today for the campaign “Become an Eco Hero! Teach everyone at home to collect waste separately!”, conducted jointly by ECOPACK Bulgaria and Vidin and Dimitrovgrad Municipalities in the period 10-28 February, 2016.

All school students in grades prep through 8took an active part in this environmental initiative. It teaches children a responsible attitude to the environment and shows them how they can help preserve nature by collecting waste separately. The Become an Eco Hero campaign has successfully met its objectives: raising the awareness and knowledge of children and their families about environmental protection and about separate waste collection and its benefits to society and nature; strengthening motivation and building lasting habits related to the separate collection of waste in the color-coded containers.

1,336 children from 11 schools in Vidin and 267 children from 12 schools in Dimitrovgrad took part in the competition. The students from Lyuben Karavelov School in Vidin and Pencho Slaveykov School in Dimitrovgrad scored the highest number of points and thus won multimedia projectors for their respective schools.

Full list of the winners can be downloaded herefor Vidin and herefor Dimitrovgrad.

Details about the presentation of the prizes to the awarded schools will be announced shortly.

All winning students will receive their prizes through the schools.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.