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After the first school bell the tour of the 3D Ecobus of ECOPACK began again



The first bell was the end of carefree summer games. But not quite! The fun continues with the educational 3D film "Lords of recycling" and the interactive game-test "Become an eco-hero" in the 3D Ecobus of ECOPACK. In the "flying classroom" kids from kindergarten and 1st to 4th grade in elementary school can learn why it is so important to collect waste separately, what is the benefit to nature and to all of us, how to keep their city clean and how to teach the folks in home to collect their waste separately.
"Such lectures are needed for young people, to form habits in children, and their frequent preaching will contribute to a better outcome. We all liked it a lot. We await you again, ECOPACK!", said Mrs. Stefanova from "20th April" school in Panagyurishte.
Since the launch of the project in March 2011, over 75 000 children from 430 schools in 66 municipalities became part of the fun eco hour. After Panagyurishte, the first stop of this school year, the 3D Ecobus continues to Strelcha, Rakitovo and Burgas.
ECOPACK and the team of 3D bus wish good health and successful school year for all kids, especially to those who are in first grade!


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.