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Education and Awareness Projects


Our Flying Classroom is continuing its tour around the country this year.  Everyone now knows about ECOPACK’s 3D Ecobus, passing through the municipalities served by us to the delight and enjoyment of school children everywhere. During their visit to the 3D bus, the children aged 7 through 11 learn how and why to collect waste separately. With the help of Harti, Stuck, and Plastika – the charming animated characters in our 3D film, school children are given readily accessible information about the benefits of separate packaging waste collection, its processing, and how all of this helps conserve nature. They then check what they have learned with the specially designed interactive game Be an Ecohero, giving their answers through an Audience Response System. Results almost always exceed 70% right answers indicating excellent immediate comprehension and retention of the education program. This finds confirmation in the opinions of the teachers who attend the eco sessions together with their students. Mrs. Snezhanka Pachikova from Edinstvo Elementary School, Pleven, said, “Kids were very inspired and impressed by the manner in which they were presented with the information about separate waste collection and recycling”.  Mrs. Nikolova, from Aleko Konstantinov School in Lukovit also shared her opinion: “This film is useful for children in the elementary grades. We thank ECOPACK Bulgaria for this project because children assimilate best at an early age.” The kids’ own comments are always enthusiastic and excited. Some typical responses are: “This was the best day of my life!”, “Please don’t leave – I want you to stay here forever!”, “It was great fun! I learned what to throw in the different color containers. Tonight I will teach mum and dad so we can start collecting waste separately at home”.

Since the beginning of the 2012/13 school year, more than 25,000 children have attended the eco training session in the municipalities of Purvomay, Bourgas, Pazardzhik, Peshtera, Batak, Bratsigovo, Stamboliyski, Suedinenie, Kuklen, Perushtitsa, Hisar, Sopot, Yablanitsa, Pravets, Botevgrad, Svoge, Bozhurishte, Mezdra, Vratsa, Krivodol, Vurshets, Berkovitsa, Montana, Chiprovtsi, Dimovo, Vidin, Dunavtsi, Pleven, Lukovit, Cherven Bryag, Byala Slatina, Knezha, Oryahovo, Iskur, Pordim, Levski, Lyaskovets, Zlataritsa, Elena, Pavel Banya, Muglizh, and Dupnitsa. All the school children received a package of acacia seeds for planting and a unique registration code for the website of the 3S Ecobus -  http://www.ecopack.bg/ecobus/. The registered kids enter a sweepstakes. Up to now we have handed out as prizes 4 Nikon Coolpix cameras and more than 80 armband watches. By the end of the school year there are to be two more drawings for a total of more than 40 small and big prizes. The Flying Classroom tour will continue through the current school year, as well as the next, 2013/14 school year. We plan to visit schools in Silistra, Tutrakan, Isperih, Kavarna, Shumen, Radnevo, Chirpan, Kyustendil, Sofia, Septemvri, Bobov Dol, Sapareva Banya, Boboshevo, Razlog, Bansko, Kresna, Strumyani, Simitli, Yakoruda, Belitsa, Dospat, Borino, Devin, Rudozem, Zlatograd, Plovdiv, Panagyurishte, Strelcha, Rakitovo, and Varna. The campaign’s success finds further confirmation in each new training session and ECOPACK is proud to have found the right way of achieving its goals.

For yet another year ECOPACK Bulgaria is a partner in the bTV initiative Let’s Clean Bulgaria in a Day. The campaign is completely in  line with our main activity area – preservation of the environment. That is why we again supported this project, as well as the Pure Knowledge Program. On March 22 of the current year, 4th grade students  from the schools in Dupnitsa attended special training in the field of ecology and preservation of the environment and with our help – the special educational activities delivered by the team of the ECOPACK 3D ecobus.

Especially for the spring cleaning, ECOPACK is to send out to its partner municipalities 35,000 bags and 35,000 pairs of gloves. On April 20th we are organizing the transportation of the plastic and metal packaging waste collected in the yellow bags. Our team will take an active part in the culmination of the Let’s Clean Bulgaria campaign on April 20th. Some of us will help clean neighborhoods in Silistra, where our new separate waste collection project is starting, and others will join the cleaning in Sofia. We encourage you all to join!

Care for Bulgarian forests and the conservation of their biodiversity are of vital importance to the preservation of our nature. As an expression of our commitment and concern with the state of forests in Bulgaria, in 2012 we launched our project “Our Forest”. ECOPACK organized and financed the planting of an 8-decare acacia forest in the region between Varna and Shumen. It is our wish to make $Our Forest$ an annual initiative – a demonstration of our long-term commitment to the preserving the environment and restoring natural resources. We are currently in the process of negotiating a new plot for tree planting.

This spring a special ECOPACK program was launched targeting the municipal administration in the municipalities served by us. The goal of the project is to raise awareness and understanding on the part of municipal officials of the processes of separate packaging waste collection and of the requirements and opportunities associated with the implementation of the new Law on Waste Management. In this way, we furthermore hope to facilitate the municipal administration in its efforts to raise awareness and inform the households of the benefits of separate waste collection to the environment in general and to the specific location. Each Municipality will receive a special information package with materials developed under this project – up-to-date commentaries on the Law on Waste Management, information about ECOPACK, a TV spot, radio spot, and a leaflet, which in the larger municipalities will feature a map with the locations of the three-color ECOPACK containers.


0800 1 5253 Free phone line for questions and alerts from citizens about separate collections of packaging waste.