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4th Forum of Manager magazine - Green potential of Bulgaria. Technology and innovations


"Recycling - personal and corporate responsibility" was the theme of the presentation by Mr. Todor Burgudzhiev, CEO of ECOPACK Bulgaria held on June 27 in Sofia, the fourth consecutive annual green event of the “Manager” magazine under the heading "The green potential of Bulgaria. Technology and innovation."
In front of dozens of leading companies involved in the green idea and members of the Green Circle of "Manager" magazine, Mr. Burgudzhiev said that Bulgaria could reach the average levels of recycling only after changes both in the regulatory framework and creating more incentives for the business and the households, and the attitudes of the business itself. He did not overlooked the issue of the so called scavengers whom actually steal collected from household packaging waste and dramatically lower the efficiency and profitability of the systems for separate collection.
Over 150 guests and participants in the discussion including leading experts and companies, leaders in sustainable development participated in the event, which took place in the office building A-02 Sofia Airport Center, which won the award for the most innovative and green building in Sofia. It was built based on the requirements of the world's highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency. Participants and guests arrived at the venue in an impressive green column of eco-taxis.
Start of the debate put special guest Marcus Repnik, Permanent Representative of the World Bank for Bulgaria. He presented the main conclusions and recommendations of the expert's report on the financial institution specifically dedicated to the green potential of our country and the opportunities for development. Today we know that the world will suffer the consequences of global warming in this century. The magnitude of these effects depends on the actions we must take today, he said. Bulgaria has the chance to be included in this process focusing efforts and resources in the development of organic farming, mass refurbishment of buildings and cleverly positioning in segments of the industrial production which the high-tech companies will increasingly need.


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