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27,000 households took part in the Become an Eco Hero campaign of ECOPACK Bulgaria


27,160 households with students from 272 schools took part in the campaign of ECOPACK Bulgaria under the motto “Become an Eco Hero! Teach everyone at home to collect waste separately!” It was conducted in the period 2013-2016 in 19 Bulgarian towns and concluded in April with a final round in the city of Bourgas.

The benefits of separate collection and recycling of waste are quite obvious. Everyone knows that in this way waste does not pile up in landfills but instead returns in our lives in the form of valuable raw materials for the economy. Yet how many of us are actually doing it? By data from a national representative survey of late 2013, 57% of households in Bulgaria collect waste separately. And that was why the campaign was aimed at motivating more people to join in and support the efforts to preserve the environment and the circular economy, with all the ensuing benefits to ourselves, our cities, and society as a whole.

The campaign was targeted at children as they are the most open to change and to the green idea in general. To become eco heroes, they had to show their concern for the environment and their knowledge on topics related to its conservation. After registering on the specially created website, the school students – obligatorily together with another member of the family – had to answer 10 quiz questions. Those who earned a sufficient number of points from correct answers entered a raffle to win prizes both for themselves and for their school. Thus the “Eco Hero” badge came with a chance to win a tablet, a book, or a BGN 50 voucher for energy-saving appliances, and the school with the most eco heroes won a multi-media projector.

The campaign received full support from municipality and school administrations in all of the towns where it was held.

The children have managed admirably as ambassadors of the green idea. Just two years later, the share of the households that reported collecting waste separately at home went up to 65% (national survey of late 2015).

ECOPACK Bulgaria is the largest packaging waste recovery organization in this country. Thanks to its awareness campaigns, such as ‘Become an Eco Hero!’, the responsible and pragmatic attitude to the environment, with all the ensuing benefits to ourselves and our society, is gaining more and more ground in our daily lives.


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